Lab Reports

Jamie Somers · B.Sc in Applied Physics · 2023

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My Lab Reports: submitted during my undergrad physics degree at Dublin City University between 2019 and 2023. These lab reports are for educational purposes only.

First Year Reports

Thumbnail of Density Lab Report

Density Determination And Error Analysis

Thumbnail of Motion Lab Report

M1 & M2 uniform and non-uniform motion

Thumbnail of Simple Pendulum Lab Report

The Simple Pendulum

Thumbnail of Forces Lab Report

Equilibrium Of Forces

Thumbnail of free fall Lab Report

Determination of gravity by the free fall method

Thumbnail of AC Mains Frequency Lab Report

Determining AC Mains Frequency Using a Sonometer

Thumbnail of Refractive index snells law Lab Report

Determination of Refractive Index Using Snell's Law

Thumbnail of Elasticity Lab Report

Investigation of Elasticity

Thumbnail of Gamma Attenuation Lab Report

Gamma Radiation and Attenuation Coefficient

Thumbnail of Focal Length Lab Report

Focal Length & Lens-Makers Equation

Thumbnail of Electrical Skills Lab Report

E1 Basic Electrical Skills

Thumbnail of Current and Resistance Lab Report

E2 Current and Resistance

Thumbnail of Oscilloscope Lab Report

E3 Measurements with an Oscilloscope

Thumbnail of Resistor Networks Lab Report

E4 Current, Voltage and Power Measurements in Resistor Networks

Thumbnail of Current-Voltage (I-V) Characteristics Lab Report

E5 Current-Voltage characteristics of resist & semiconductor diodes

Thumbnail of Solenoid Lab Report

E12 Magnetic Field in a Solenoid

Thumbnail of Termal Conductivity Lab Report

T1: Termal Conductivity & T3: Termal Expansion

Thumbnail of Bouncing Ball Lab Report

PS157 Home Experiment: A Bouncing Ball

Thumbnail of Hollow Paper Ball Lab Report

PS157 Home Experiment: A Falling Hollow Paper Ball

Thumbnail of PS157 Progress Report

PS157 Progress Report

Second Year Reports

Thumbnail of Error Measurement Lab Report

Error Measurements: σ and σs

Thumbnail of X-Ray Diffraction Lab Report

X-Ray Diffraction

Thumbnail of Polarization of light Lab Report

Polarization of light

Thumbnail of X-ray Computed Tomography (CT) Lab Report

X-ray Computed Tomography (CT)

Thumbnail of The Half-Life of Barium-137 Lab Report

The Half-Life of Barium-137

Thumbnail of Science Writing Lab Report

Science Writing for a Lay Audience

Thumbnail of Least Squares Fitting Lab Report

Least Squares Fitting using Python & Comparison with Excel

Thumbnail of Torricelli's Law Project Proposal

Torricelli's Law Project Proposal

Thumbnail of Torricelli’s law Lab Report

Investigating Torricelli’s law using a pressure sensor

Thumbnail of Building a Language Recogniser Lab Report

CA247: Building a Language Recogniser

Third Year Reports

Thumbnail of Shockley Haynes Lab Report

The Shockley Haynes Experiment

Thumbnail of Low Pressure DC Plasma Lab Report

A Low Pressure DC Plasma

Thumbnail of Black-Body Radiation Lab Report

Black-Body Radiation via Phase Sensitive Detection

Thumbnail of Magnetic Damping Lab Report

Magnetic Damping

Thumbnail of Euler & Runge Kutta Lab Report

Euler & Runge Kutta Modelling Differential Equations

Thumbnail of Graphical Methods Lab Report

Graphical Methods

Thumbnail of Graphical Methods 2 Lab Report

Graphical Methods 2

Thumbnail of Oscillating chemical reactions Lab Report

Project B: Oscillating chemical reactions

Fourth Year Reports

Thumbnail of Progress Reportt

Progress Report

Thumbnail of Modelling Laser-Induced Dynamics in Next Generation Resist Materials for EUVL Lab Report

Modelling Laser-Induced Dynamics in Next Generation Resist Materials for EUVL