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Jamie Somers - PhD in Physics at Trinity College Dublin,

First year student, mostly interested in Photonics & Optics. Website coded in HTML, CSS and Javascript. Hosted using a Raspberry Pi 4 Model B.

About Me

I am currently a first year physics student studying at Trinity College Dublin. This is my website where I post updates to projects I am currently working on, as well as recently read books, copies of my submitted lab reports and a copy of my CV. I coded this website in Atom using HTML, CSS and Javascipt and hosted it to the internet using a Raspberry Pi 4 Model B during the summer of 2020 as a personal project. If you would like to read more about that feel free to check out the blog post about it here.

[BLOG POST] Beginning on March 12th 2020 all schools and colleges in Ireland closed in an effort to combat SARS-CoV-2, a novel disease which targeted the respiratory system which we would discover on March 14th had 39 confirmed cases in the country. This closure was initially supposed to last until the 29th of March, however it would actually end up ... Blog Post 1

[BLOG POST] As part of our PS157 Physics Laboratory II module we are given a project that we must research, carry out any necessary experiments before finally giving a presentation on what we learned, how the experiment went and any of the information we obtained from our experiments. Me and my lab partner were given the topic of Laue Diffraction ... Blog Post 2

[UPDATE] Added my final lab report for year 1 semester 2, This lab report was actually a 1 page progress report that we had to submit regarding the research project we were doing on laue diffraction. If you would like to take a look at the progress report ... Lab Report

[BLOG POST] On the 12th of December 2019 me and two of my fellow colleagues gave a presentation about the particle zoo in physics, which is a commonly used term to refer to all the different particles scientists have discovered over the years including Quarks, Anti-quarks, Leptons, Hardons etc. The presentation was cleverly titled 'Noah's Quark', ... Blog Post 3

Raspberry Pi raspberrylogo If you would like to know how I hosted this website. Raspberry pi guide

Library If you would like to see what I have been reading recently. Jamie Somers - Library

Curriculum Vitae If you would like to look at my CV. Jamie Somers CV

Lab Reports If you would like to take a look at my Lab Reports. Jamie Somers - Lab Reports

I write blog posts about my experience studying physics and my love of optics and photonics. In the future I hope to go on and do research in the area of physics related to either optics or photonics. My dream is to one day get a PhD in physics.

Check back to hear more about me. I will update this website as I continue to carry out more personal projects which I feel are interesting or relevant to my field. - Jamie Somers. B.Sc (hons) in Applied Physics. Studying at Dublin City University.

To date I have taken part in one research project related to helping students from social economically disadvantaged areas understand the concepts of AI and the role it plays in their daily life.

I have also taken part in a physics summer research internship titled "Automated Data Conversion For Mapping a Transparent Conducting Materials Figure Of Merit". The project involved using python / matlab to produce heatmaps and figures of merit related to the conductivity and transparent of Transparent Conducting Materials (TCM's)

Jamie Somers is a 3rd year B.Sc in Applied Physics student at DCU. He is interested in Optics & Photonics. Jamie Somers is looking for research opportunities.

There are three domains currently owned by Jamie Somers, those domains being - and, any other domain claiming to be controlled by Jamie Somers should not be trusted and any emails send from an email address not containing these domains should be marked as spam and deleted.

Dublin City, County Dublin, Ireland · B.Sc in Applied Physics · Dublin City University

Most of my website traffic comes from Ireland, followed by the United States and then the United Kindom. Since I am located in Dublin, Ireland I mostly want my website to appear at the top of the irish search results however in the future I would like to make content that appeals to a wider audience and gain a higher ranking in both the United States and the United Kingdom. Physics and Science in general is a topic with no borders and the topics I discuss will appeal to American and English visiters too.

During my time studying physics at university, I have written 30 lab reports. Below I have included the names of each lab report.

Density Determination And Error Analysis by Jamie Somers

M1 and M2: Motion along a straight line One dimensional uniform and non-uniform motion by Jamie Somers

The Simple Pendulum by Jamie Somers

Equilibrium Of Forces by Jamie Somers

Determination of gravity by the free fall method by Jamie Somers

Determination of the AC Mains Frequency Using a Sonometer by Jamie Somers

Determination of Refractive Index Using Snell’s Law by Jamie Somers

Investigation of Elasticity by Jamie Somers

Absorption of Gamma Radiation and the Attenuation Coefficient (µ) by Jamie Somers

Focal Length & Lens-Makers Equation by Jamie Somers

Basic Electrical Skills by Jamie Somers

E2 Current and Resistance by Jamie Somers

E3 Measurements with an Oscilloscope by Jamie Somers

E4 Current, Voltage and Power Measurements in Resistor Networks by Jamie Somers

E5 Current-Voltage (I-V) Characteristics of resistors and semiconductor diodes by Jamie Somers

E12 Magnetic Field in a Solenoid by Jamie Somers

T1: Termal Conductivity & T3: Termal Expansion by Jamie Somers

PS157 Home Experiment: A Bouncing Ball by Jamie Somers

PS157 Home Experiment: A Falling Hollow Paper Ball by Jamie Somers

PS157 Progress Report by Jamie Somers

Experiment 1 Error Measurements: σ and σs by Jamie Somers

Experiment 10 X-Ray Diffraction by Jamie Somers

Experiment 19 Polarization of light by Jamie Somers

Experiment 28 X-ray Computed Tomography (CT) by Jamie Somers

Experiment 4 The Half-Life of Barium-137 by Jamie Somers

Science writing for a Lay Audience by Jamie Somers

Least Squares Fitting using Python & Comparison with Excel by Jamie Somers

Investigating the Torricelli law by Jamie Somers

Investigating Torricelli’s law using a pressure sensor by Jamie Somers

CA247 ASSIGNMENT 1 Building a Language Recogniser by Jamie Somers & Daniela Oana

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