PS151 Presentation on the topic of 'The Particle Zoo'

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Description: In this post I discuss a presentation I gave on the topic of the particle zoo as part of a group. The presentation was part of a graded assessment for my PS151: Physics Laboratory I module. In this blog post I dicuss the topic of the particle zoo, my section of the presentation, show off the poster we made as part of the presentation and discuss the final grade we got.

On the 12th of December 2019 me and two of my fellow colleagues gave a presentation about the particle zoo in physics, which is a commonly used term to refer to all the different particles scientists have discovered over the years including Quarks, Anti-quarks, Leptons, Hadrons etc. The presentation was cleverly titled 'Noah's Quark', as a play on words for Noah's Ark. The presentation consisted of 10 slides in total and lasted for roughly 6 minutes. The presentation itself can be found in this pdf link

The presentation part of the module also included the creation of a poster which I played a large part in making. The poster had to clearly state what the presentation is about, where it is located, when it is happening, why the topic is relevant, who is delivering the presentation, the name of the committee making the presentation, contact information for the committee while still being visually appealing and engaging to a reader.
Image of Poster

We ended up achieving a grade of 85% for our poster and 71% for the presentation itself, which gave us an overall grade of 77%. The presentation overall was a fun experience, it helped me feel more comfortable speaking to people and also the preparation that is involved with creating a powerpoint and a poster to raise awareness for the seminar. The feedback we received was immensely helpful and made writing the reflection report easy, most of the critique was based around the powerpoint being a little too detailed for the time given.

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