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If you would like to read my most recent blog post about the changes I have made to my website and the addition of a mobile version.

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Website Update

In this blog post I discuss the new fresh coat of paint the website received during the summer of 2021. I explain the addition of an 'About' section, compare the code of the new website compared to the past one and announce the inclusion of a mobile subdomain and mobile friendly website, I also include images of both versions of the new site.

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Creating and Hosting a Website using a Raspberry Pi

In this blog post I discuss the process of creating and hosting a website to the internet using a raspberry pi as a server. I include an explanation for the creation of this website, my previous coding experience, my thought process behind choosing to host a website myself and even some photos of previous versions of the website.

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PS157 Research Project on the topic of Laue Diffraction

In this post I discuss a research project I was assigned as part of my PS157: Physics Laboratory II module. The experimental and presentation portion of the project was ultimately cancelled due to SARS COVID 19, however the research part of the project had been completed so I wrote a blog post about what I had found in my research, including some fun facts about Laue Diffraction.

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